Is There A Book In Me?

I have often thought of writing a book.  The problem is that I do not have the attention span to stay with one project for that long.  I look around and wonder what else I can investigate.  I prefer to accept that I have a curious mind as opposed to “Bright Shiny Object Syndrome.”  This is my own definition of my brain.  It is normal for me to change subjects constantly during the day.

Outside My Door — There Is Adventure

It is so tough for my family to follow me in conversation.  Luckily, I smile a lot so they at least see that I am happy.  The best conclusion to my day is one that is filled with new facts and a new set of subjects to master.

My Brain Each Day

So — I made a discovery this morning while sitting here with my thoughts at my favorite coffee shop — My blog can be my memoir.  I have no trouble focusing on an essay that comes freely from my brain to my fingers.  I can type faster than I can think (thank you high school typing class) — I can edit as I go and hit publish and poof it’s done.  Another chapter.  I don’t have to follow any order and every decade of my life is sprinkled throughout my focus for that day.  I work through my angel side and my demon side with every thought.

I would like to thank my mother for being a role model for writing.  She left a book of thoughts which give me comfort when I miss her.  I would like to thank my dad for my smile — when he was happy it was electric.

I thank my sister and brother for never letting me forget that I was the bossy one but acknowledge that I am always there to take care of things and encourage them — they are my rocks.

My husband, kids and grandkids are my reasons for joy.  When I am down, I can look at their faces and they reflect back the positivity that I have brought to their world.  I must never forget that they deserve to see my smile— just as I loved to see my dad smile.

Oh but wait — I am reading about artists, I need to get home to do a legal document for work, do I have everything I need for Kinsley’s Valentine’s Day Dance today, what will the weather bring this weekend? Like I said, Bright Shiny Object Syndrome — I am smiling.  I’m never far from my 18-year old self who had the whole world ahead of her.

Eighteen is Magical