We can help you navigate creating a home ~~ No matter what your family dynamic looks like

Getting married for the second time is not for the faint of heart. We had three kids under 6. We both worked full time. Chris had one daughter and I had a daughter and a son.  We also have a daughter together. It took a while, but we have created the home where we all want to be. . . it took budgeting our finances constantly, a landscape plan, prioritizing our many projects — all while raising four kids.

We made many mistakes but feel grateful that we never lost our shared love of creating a home that gave everyone a sense of belonging and calm. 

Chris originally graduated from UCLA, had a couple of Master’s Degrees in Psychology and Special Education and started his career in Education. I met him after he had decided to try his hand at business and opened a franchise restaurant. His involvement in this led to an opportunity to work on the corporate side of the business and he began a 30-year career in charge of restaurant operations.

Chris has always had a creative eye, loves the outdoors and working outside. This led him to first designing our own 1/2 acre yard and then being interested in all types of landscaping.

Another hobby that Chris found later in life is oil painting. He takes pictures with an iphone, transfers them to a TV monitor and paints from there.

Sherry loves learning technology, any and all organizing and teaching.  After obtaining her Paralegal Credential at UCI, she had a 15-year career as a Family Law Paralegal.


This is where she developed her love of organization– not only in the office but in working with clients and the court required documents.

After the kids were grown and out of the house she was able to explore career options which led to completing her Bachelor Degree in Psychology. The combination of family law and working with clients in life changing decisions led to her realize that at the heart of a well-rounded life is a balanced family budget.  

Her Family Law experience uncovered couples who had no idea what their income was or what they spent each month. Families fall apart when money becomes the number one source of frustration. It spills out into every part of the day. Sherry’s focus is to create a monthly income and expense chart and find hidden treasures that you already have so that you use what you have.  Organizing “stuff” and making lists before ever entering a store really does give a feeling of confidence.  One thing she will help you discover is that a day at the park with a picnic lunch is more fulfilling than charging clothes that you cannot afford and will pay interest on over time. 

Sherry will go over your budget line by line to make sure you are not surprised when the water heater needs to be replaced or you live through slow income months.





Our home reflects the work it took to create the place where everyone wants to be.

Our family is a great gift to the two of us. We appreciate what it took to get here.