Technology — How Not To Hate It

This is a class to give support to overwhelmed people who are watching technology take over the world.  It’s not going away — it is only getting more intrusive.   We will tackle:

Computer Navigation 

Wireless Set Ups

Bluetooth Set Ups 

Paperless Statements

Online Banking


Virus Protection Software 

Cell Phone Set Up and Use 

Streaming Networks for TV 

Scammers and Hackers (How to identify them)

Social Media 

Taking Control of Your Subscriptions (they can add up!) 

Estate Planning Documents 

Legacy Box (For your heirs)

Photo management/scrapbooks/your stories 

You can live in a day to day life where you have the freedom to do things your way.  There are great and simple ways to exist with technology and not lose your mind.  The first step is a your class notebook — you can reach for it (or call me) for help.  

Organize Your Office Space

One of the first steps to wanting to sit down at the computer, is to create a fun space that is: comfortable to sit in, organized so you know where everything is, set up to have a place for everything.  

My initial step is to clear the room.  Get everything in a nearby hallway and design the space before anything goes back in.  It’s a good time to toss old items that have no meaning for the work you will be doing there.  

If you need to clean and paint — do it while empty.  Slowly fill it with what you want and need.  Files can be labeled so that finding an item is easy.  Desks, chairs, file cabinets and cupboards will make you want to be in there.  

Make it yours — no one else can set it up like you!