Our House Became Our Home . . . .

A few years ago Chris and I were talking about how many changes we had made to our home in the last Forty years.  I was reminded of the very first day we walked in with the keys and how overwhelmed we were.  Nothing was familiar.  Nothing was the way that we would have done it.  There was wallpaper in every room and none of it was the right color. The yard was half done and the sprinklers were something out of a technology textbook.  Floors were mismatched and the colors would have to change.  Our first step, after we looked at each other and said “what have we done” was to sit down with pen and paper and create a priority list…..little did we know that the priority list kept us moving forward even though it changed every year.

After all these years, there are moments when we think we are done….. but yesterday I noticed that the family room slider is the only window not replaced.  The oven and stove are worn out. Wouldn’t it be nice to plant a lemon tree outside my office window.   We agreed that we are never done with our list.

Our house has a long story… it has been a haven for all of us… it is the home where we want to be.