My thoughts always center around women helping women.  I want to create gatherings with women of all ages to offer support, ideas and laughter.



When I think back to my grandmothers and my own mother, I know that there were times that their unfulfilled dreams were realized within the women groups they surrounded themselves with.  I always loved the laughter that came out of the conversations I listened to and tried hard to always be in the middle of the gatherings.

Sharing Ideas

Listening is something I am good at.  I have an innate curiosity to understand how people got to this moment in time.  I am an encourager to not hold back and to find a way to make challenges become reality.

I have lived this — I went back to college and graduated with my bachelor degree at age 51.  Five years later I trained and ran a half marathon.  I needed to prove to myself that I could start something hard and keep at it until I completed it.

I want to spread positivity and give permission to women of any age who feel stuck and unfulfilled that no matter how hard or impractical an idea is — just try.

Keep The Door Open