Has this ever happened to you?

  • Walk around the house and wonder where all the “stuff” came from
  • Find that you’ve put everything under beds and shoved in closets and drawers
  • Feel anxious when you walk in the house
  • Never feel done with chores
  • Procrastinate paying bills and reconciling accounts

How to start. . . .

  • Pick a small task, start a timer and finish it within an hour
  • Pick one day a week devoted to organizing — no more than 2 hours and write it on your calendar
  • Put on your favorite podcast, music or tv show to keep you interested in finishing
  • Hire someone to help you start

I want this for you. I want to make it fun and something you look forward to. I want you to have more time for the things you want to do and not feel weighed down by clutter.

Tips to start . . . .

  1. Watch the Marie Kondo Series On Netflix ;
  2. Follow Clea and Joanna on their instagram organzing journey The Home Edit — they have built an amazing business and their pictures are inspiring ;
  3. Go to The Container Store and just browse all the possibilities for your home (it’s better to walk the aisles first, then you can shop online ;
  4. Make a list of all of your bank accounts, credit cards and loans to start painting a picture of your finances — You can start with Mint Money Manager it’s free ;
  5. Start following Houzz on Facebook for ideas and pictures of your dream home ;
  6. Walk your neighborhood to see what you drive past every day!