What would happen if you came across a description of a person looking for a job that matched everything you might need to keep your life fulfilled?  Instead of dating apps, there should be “making life better” apps.  Just imagine the possibilities.  It wouldn’t necessarily have to be something you could afford, just meeting each other’s goals at different times of life.  Here are my ideas:

  • Chef in training who needs referrals for a family who never have time to cook dinner
  • Retired professor who is bored and would offer extra tutoring to failing college students
  • Grandparents who do not live near their family to pick up kids from school and help with homework
  • Beginning author to write down lesser known family stories while hoping to find an agent to publish their book
  • Athletes who no longer play to organize a Physical Education Program at Elementary Schools

I know the list could be endless.  What a positive move it would be to match people who could offer each other experiences that move them along in life…… Who would be your perfect fit?

Who Is That Person For You?