Adventure has never been a word in my vocabulary.  I am familiar with the sound of responsible, organized, reliable, loyal and love.  I have not been able to just live for the moment. If I have free time you will find me at my computer, figuring out budgets and spending.

I have an E-Bike — it’s collecting dust in the garage.  I have a gym membership that is free — I go maybe twice a week.  I am surrounded by hiking trails — I never discover where they start and where they end.  In order to begin exploring, I need to step away from the computer.

Maybe yoga or kayaking . . . where are those hiking trails?

The problem is I always start with ideas — My brain has a thousand of them.

It’s the actual doing that makes me freeze.

It’s time to jump into the deep end.  What am I waiting for . . . time is moving fast.  I will regret not finding out what I am like as a risk taker.