Organizing is a process. It isn’t done in a day BUT once you start — the satisfaction of progress brings a huge feeling of accomplishment.

I will work with you on where to begin. We start with a 30 minute consultation. We talk and visualize what you are missing in your life. This is a “Big Picture” meeting and we start with the end in mind.

As hard as it might be to face — FINANCES ARE FIRST! 

As I have worked with clients over the years, finances drive everything in moving forward with goals. Technology has become a barrier to simplicity for most. It seems overwhelming and scary.  I want to give you the tools to learn that the computer is your friend and accept that it is here to stay.

I make it simple by helping you set up weekly online account review. The old days of waiting 30 days for a paper statement are gone. The more you do it, the more confidence you have and fear does not keep you from tackling your goals.

We will print out a monthly income and expense statement. This will be simple to read and I promise you will start looking forward to seeing where your money goes.

FROM THERE we can tackle organizing “stuff” — seeing what you spend on clothing, eating out and household items can be shocking at first but leads you to appreciate and use what you have.  Examples of what you might find:

  • If you want to travel, why are you eating out so much? $50 a week eating out can add up to $200 a month which would be a great start to a travel budget. Making meals one or two days a week can be a huge change. Instead of fast food, you have prepared meals every night to reheat.
  • If your closet is too full, you cannot see what you have. I have had clients who have clothes and shoes that still have the tags on them. Those were impulse purchases and some don’t fit any longer.  Once you know your budget for clothing — you will take a moment before you purchase on the spot.
  • Make-Up and Lotions seem fun but they have a shelf life. Find what you love and stick with it. If you want to experiment buy a small portion to test. This is a huge budget breaker item.
  • Can you see all the items in your pantry? Make a deal with yourself to use what you have one to two days a week. Arrange your dry goods in “like kind” groups. Organize your freezer once a week and move things around.  You will find a huge difference in your grocery bill if you organize before you go to the store and make sure to take a list.

These are just a few of the eye openers you will experience once we categorize your spending. Taking control is the first step to a fulfilled and happy daily life.

It also helps to create a space that you love to be in! This is my office. . .

My Office

Let’s get started today — I find that the biggest satisfaction is the peacefulness of an organized life which leaves you free for adventure, reading, travel or just simple relaxation.  Take my quiz and let me know how we can begin. Taking ideas and putting them into action helps you begin to see your dreams come to life and to start MOVING FORWARD TO YOUR FUTURE!